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At Murcia Property Solutions we are dedicated to helping you find your ideal rental property for your short or long term let . We believe that renting a property is no reason to accept anything less than the perfect property for you HOLIDAY PROPERTY SERVICES
Investing in a Spanish property leads to the inevitable issue of property management, and this is not a problem in murcia , especially along the Costa colida coast
where a wide variety of companies and specialised professionals offer a range of services.unlike MPS evey aspect is in house and is just a phone call away weather you and in the uk or spain
In the last few years, as a result of the property boom to foreigners on the Costa colida and in Murcia in general, many people like to rent out their property rather than leave it empty for part of the year.
Other owners prefer not to rent out their private homes but worry about their house being unattended while they are away. Property management companies offer many different types of services to give you peace of mind while you are away.
Whether on the coast or inland, your Spanish property is a valuable asset and can offer extra income with minimal hassle if sensibly managed. Since the likelihood is that if you rent your Spanish property out you will not be in Spain at that time, it makes sense to use a property management company.
Even people who live in Spain and have two or more properties often prefer to leave all or some of
the upkeep, administration and marketing to the professionals.
When choosing a property management company, there are many important considerations,
 The company’s past experience / client base
 Legal knowledge of rental contracts, deposits, payment, etc.
 Capacity to market your property to full advantage (where applicable)
 Local knowledge / Spanish and English spoken
 Different combinations of management contract on offer
 Specific services and charges – for example:
o Advertising your property for rental
o Organising bookings
o Cleaning before occupancy
o Laundry
o Garden/Patio maintenance/irrigation
o Pool maintenance
o Meeting and dropping off at airport
o House maintenance and emergency contact for renters
o Welcome pack
o Security checks
o Car care and cleaning
There are many property management companies and rental agents. You should bear in mind from
the outset that not all property management companies organize rentals and not all rental agents
become involved in property management. However, some companies may offer to take charge of
There are many advantages in using a specialist property management company like
MPS. Whether for straightforward property care or for looking after your home while it is rented out
long or short term – having MPS in charge of your home can be a sound investment.
a representative will carry out an inspection visit to your property and may even ask you to make
some modifications to the house or garden. For example, if you have a private swimming pool, you
may be asked to have the pool depth clearly marked. Electrical, gas and water installations should be checked to ensure everything safe and in working order. If you want to keep an eye on your
possessions and house contents, you will be expected to make your own detailed inventory